Paul Lhussiez
Developer, Geek, New Technologies Enthusiast


About me

My name is Paul Lhussiez and I'm a 25 years old passionate developer. People usually call me Depado. It's my nickname quite everywhere on internet.

I currently live in Paris and I'm working for Leboncoin's Lab. On this website you'll find some information about me, such as my projects, experience, skills… If you wish to learn more about my personality, you can head to this page.

I'm mostly interested in the Go programming language for the backend side. But I'm not just a backend developer, I'm also interested in infrastructure and devops. I'm currently in love with Kubernetes and Helm.


In this section I'll present to you some of my personal projects. The data displayed here are automatically fetched using the API of my monitoring service. If you wish to get more information on these projects you can either check the website, the github repository or the monitoring service which holds more data (commit history, build history, response time…)

All these projects are open-source, most of them are under the MIT License or the WTFPL. I'm open to pull requests for all these (or even for projects on my Github account that are not listed here).

The color of the card determines whether or not the service is running. Green if the service is up, red if the service isn't. Clicking on the build status will get you to the build server. To access the service, simply click on the short url written under the project's name.


In this section, I'll present to you my skill set. Most of the items described here will have related projects that can be found on the bottom of the card. You can hover over the different projects to see the stack used for each one.

System Backend CLI
Versions : Always the latest ♥
Go is the language I'm currently in love with. It is efficient, has a nice concurrency model, and is easy to deploy and play with.
Backend CLI
Versions : 2.7 or 3.6+
I mainly worked with the 3.x version, and played a lot with Flask and Django.
Versions : I don't care ?
I mainly use Javascript on the front end, by necessity, only. I have only one node.js project.
Key Value Backend
An embedded key/value database for Go.
Relational Backend
An embedded relational database.
Relational Backend
Object-relational database management system with an emphasis on extensibility and standards-compliance. Mainly used in a professional environment.
Relational Backend
MySQL Server, the world's most popular open source database. Mainly used in a professional environment.
Work Station Server
I'm currently working on my Archlinux laptop. It's been four years since I have installed Arch, and everything works fine (although, my root partition is currently full, thanks to Docker). One of my Raspberry Pis also runs Arch, and acts like a server for some of my IRC bots.
Most of my servers are running Debian.
When working with Docker, I love Alpine because of its small size and all of its security aspects.
HTTP Backend
Performance oriented HTTP web framework for the Go language. I'm mostly using Gin for all my projects, it's really easy to work with and removes a lot of boilerplate
HTTP Backend
HTTP micro-framework for the Python language. The framework I enjoy the most for my personal projects.
HTTP Backend
HTTP framework for the Python language. The only framework I worked with professionnaly in Python.
ORM Backend
ORM for SQL databases for the Go language. Mostly used for my projects using SQLite.
ORM Backend
ORM for SQL databases for the Python language. Mostly used in my Flask projects.
Semantic UI
Semantic is a UI component framework based around useful principles from natural language. (CSS and JS)
I use Ansible on a daily basis to deploy my projects. I also use it in a professional environment to automate the provisioning of servers.
Drone CI
That docker based continuous integrator is perfect. I also use that daily, to automate my builds and automate the production cycle.
Web Server
I used nginx before using Caddy. It works fine. But Caddy's still better.
Web Server
A modern web server with a tight integration with LetsEncrypt. I'm using this everywhere I can, it's a breeze to work with and has great performances.


2016 Leboncoin
Backend Developer @ Le Lab
  • Working on multiple projects and testing new technologies

GCP Kubernetes Helm Drone CI AWS AWS Lambda ElasticSearch Travis Python Go Cloud
2015-2016 Defab
Developer and Devops
  • Implementing the best practices in a cloud environement at Outscale
    • Continuous integration with Drone CI
    • Auto-generating documentation
    • Automated deployment using Ansible
    • Bastion architecture for security purpose
    • Deployment of several services (Gogs, Drone CI, Piwik, Pydio)
  • Writing a microservice backup system in Go
  • Writing a wrapper on top of the Boto lib
  • Moving the company's website from WordPress to Go with Piwik as analytics engine

Go Gin Microservices Ansible Python Boto Cloud MySQL SQLite

2014-2015 OutOfPluto
Junior Django Developer (Sandwich Course)
  • Working on multiple Django projects
    • Adding features
    • Bug fixing
    • Production deployment
  • Adding database migrations
  • Working on some electronic projects
Python Django MySQL Project Management Electronic

2013-2014 Mobeye
Junior Django Developer (Sandwich Course)
  • Working on a Django app
    • Rest API
    • Django admin interface customisation
    • Implementing a monitoring dashboard template
    • Working with real time data using and node.js
  • Automating deployment using Ansible
Python Django Ansible PostgreSQL node.js